The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund

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Small Grant Application Process

Basic screening: Are you eligible?

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund operates an open but focused small grants programme. To apply, please complete the eligibility form and follow the steps outlined:

  1. Are you a UK registered not-for-profit organisation?

  2. Have you completed two years of activity?

  3. Are you able to submit your last year's accounts if required?

  4. Is the project / activity in any of the following areas?

    • Responsible Business
    • Education and Young people
    • The Built environment and Community
    • Opportunity and Enterprise
    • Sustainable farming and agriculture
    • Conservation
    • Arts and Culture
    • Welfare of the elderly
    • Welfare of service personnel
    • Religion
    • Disaster relief
  5. Does your organisation have an annual income of £1 million or more?

  6. Is your organisation a branch of or affiliated to a national organisation?