Ulysses Trust participants at Ridge Line near Mount Mackenzie.

Is our project eligible?

Please review our eligibility criteria and exclusions before completing the small grant application form.

Eligibility criteria

  • We will consider applications from independent UK registered not-for-profit organisations with an income of £1 million or less.
  • Applications will be considered from organisations that have completed at least two years of activity and are able to submit accounts or income and expenditure statements.
  • Grants will be awarded for a single financial year.

Grants will not be awarded to:

  • Individuals;
  • Public bodies;
  • Organisations that mainly distribute grants to other organisations;
  • Organisations that are looking to support similar projects delivered by the Prince of Wales’s core charities – Prince’s Foundation and The Prince’s Trust.
  • Organisations with political associations or interests; and
  • Cover capital expenditure with the exception of community-based heritage conservation and restoration projects.