St Michael's Kirby Thore PCC - exterior after the restoration project was completed.

What information will I need?

The guidance notes in this section are intended to help applicants complete the online application form.

Application guidance notes

You are advised to carefully read the guidance notes and collate the information required before you start completing the online small grant application form. Please refer to the relevant guidance note when responding to individual questions.

Please answer each question concisely in the box provided. Where possible, please use bullet points.

  • Contact and organisation details.
  • Financial information – average annual income or turnover.
  • Project Details - please provide the following information (50 word limit applies to each section):
    • Provide a brief description of the project/activity.
    • Outline the main aim and objectives of the project / activity.
    • Outline the target demographic for your project. Who will the project aim to help? 
    • List tangible and intangible benefits you expect from your project/activity, who will receive those benefits and how many will benefit? For example, specify the age group and number of beneficiaries.
    • List the outputs and outcomes of the project / activity (quantified where appropriate and possible):
      • Outputs are services, products or facilities that would result from your project/ activity, these are usually quantifiable. 
      • Outcomes are the changes, benefits or learning that would result from your project/activity.  Many of these will be tangible but there may be some soft or intangible outcomes such as a change in attitude or confidence.
    • List any collaborators or other partners in this project/activity.
    • What risks could affect delivery of the project / activity and how do you propose to mitigate / manage them?
    • Outline how you will monitor progress and evaluate the success of your project / activity.
  • Project target start date and end date.
  • Geographic area in which the project will take place. Specify any particular features of this area, for example if it is deprived according to the government indices of deprivation or local statistics which highlight the level of deprivation.
  • Project costs and sources of funding/partnership funding. Please tell us whether the funding is confirmed or not.
  • Safeguarding policy – if your project will involve working with children or vulnerable adults, please attach your safeguarding policy.
  • Diverse communities - if your project will involve working with a diverse group of beneficiaries, please attach your equality, diversity and inclusion policy.