Beneficiary Prince's Trust Canada

PWCF and The Prince's Trust transform lives

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) and The Prince’s Trust, continue to transform lives during the pandemic. A grant of £1.5m over three years from PWCF has enabled The Prince’s Trust to establish and grow its delivery in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The additional COVID-19 emergency grant of £150,000 provided to Prince’s Trust New Zealand has helped the start-up to implement more resilient ways to support young people.

Although the final year of the three-year award was challenging due to the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus pandemic, PWCF’s grant has been vital in enabling The Prince’s Trust in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to continue supporting young people and military veterans through the Covid-19 crisis, by switching to online delivery.

Moe and Nancy Galarneau (“Operation Entrepreneur” participants)

Moe and Nancy together have 42 years of experience in the Canadian Armed Forces. In 2014, after attending an “Operation Entrepreneur” workshop, they decided to turn their love of winemaking into a business and set up Prairie Dawg Winery, a boutique winery near Ottawa.

In August 2020, they took part in the “Operation Entrepreneur” business boot camp – normally held in person on a university campus, and now delivered online due to Covid-19. They received live virtual classroom instruction, participated in online networking and mentoring, and benefited from one-on-one coaching from University of Regina business faculty members. Moe and Nancy have since signed up for Prince's Trust Canada's six-month mentoring programme; and are looking forward to applying their new-found skills and confidence to succeed in their new careers.

At the graduation ceremony, attended by the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Moe said: “We started this boot camp together as veterans but strangers, but over the last two weeks we’ve grown into a great network of veteran business owners and friends. The biggest thing I’ve learned, is to not be afraid to ask for help.”

Isabella (“Get Into” participant)

Isabella wanted to work but was unable to find a job. After sending out countless applications and not hearing back, she got discouraged and eventually gave up. Then Isabella took part in Prince’s Trust Canada’s “Get Into Hospitality” programme in Toronto with Yonge Street Mission and Marriott Hotels.

Isabella has now been working for Marriott for more than five months. She’s practising her social skills, making new friends and knows now, more than ever, that she can do anything she puts her mind to. Isabella says:

“I’d been looking for jobs but wasn’t getting interviews. Every place was asking for experience, but I didn’t have it. Get Into was great. On top of getting a job, it helped me to get out of my comfort zone and work on my social skills. At first I was nervous, but the other co-workers were very welcoming and many of them are my friends now! Because of Get Into, I got a job, which I thought was never going to happen. I feel like I have made it and accomplished something.”