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Turquoise Mountain friends and supporters walking in California Beneficiary story

1,000 mountain miles supporting healthcare in Kabul

For more than a decade, PWCF has supported Turquoise Mountain of which The Prince of Wales is Royal Founding Patron. Staff, friends and supporters of Turquoise Mountain around the world have come together to run and bike over 1,000 Mountain Miles, with a 30-mile bike ride through the hills of the California coast, runs along the coast of Cornwall, and through the beautiful landscapes of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, to raise over £20,000 for The Ferozkoh Family Health Centre in Kabul.

Greg Smith Prince's Foundation Beneficiary story

PWCF funds Prince's Foundation building craft programme

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund has awarded more than £1m to help fund projects initiated by The Prince’s Foundation, including hospitality, textiles and horticulture training, education in food and farming, traditional building constructions, building craft programme, and restorations across the UK, as well as planning and development work with various Commonwealth countries.

Beneficiary Prince's Trust Canada Beneficiary story

PWCF and The Prince's Trust transform lives

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) and The Prince’s Trust, continue to transform lives during the pandemic. A grant of £1.5m over three years from PWCF has enabled The Prince’s Trust to establish and grow its delivery in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The additional COVID-19 emergency grant of £150,000 provided to Prince’s Trust New Zealand has helped the start-up to implement more resilient ways to support young people.