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The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund has partnered with Waitrose to support British Farmers and sustainable farming programmes.  This groundbreaking partnership is built on the shared principles of Good Food, Good Farming, and Good Causes set out in Waitrose's Good Food Charter. There are over 300 Waitrose Duchy Organic products in the range, from everyday vegetables and milk to noteworthy ales and biscuits. 

Good Food

As well as Waitrose’s high quality standards, every Waitrose Duchy Organic product has to meet Soil Association (or comparable) organic standards. Produce and grains must be grown without reliance on artificial chemicals or fertilisers, and animals must be raised on an organic diet without the routine use of antibiotics.

In keeping with Duchy’s heritage, British sourcing is always our first choice. From Welsh lamb and Scottish salmon to English oats, we select quality products from across the UK wherever we can. Where a reliable British supply isn’t available due to climate or seasonal availability, we make an organic choice available via reputable growers around the world. Organic bananas, teas and marmalade are amongst our best loved global products.

Good Farming

Organic food is farmed in harmony with nature, with respect for animals and the environment.

  • Artificial chemical fertilisers are prohibited. Farmers use natural foods such as green compost or manure, which nourish plants and to help develop a healthy, resilient soil. They may also plant clover, which takes nitrogen out of the air and fixes it naturally into soil.
  • The use of pesticides is severely restricted. Instead, organic farmers develop nutrient-rich soil to grow strong, healthy crops, and encourage wildlife to help control pests and disease.
  • Organically farmed animals enjoy high welfare standards, and are given freedom to roam outside wherever possible. Our organic dairy cows and sheep are encouraged to graze on natural pastures, free from chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and our organic hens enjoy more room to roam than standard free-range birds. The routine use of antibiotics is banned, with farmers focusing instead on preventative methods such as keeping smaller herd and flock sizes.

Find out more about organic farming and how organic food is produced.

The Duchy Future Farming Programme, run in partnership with the Soil Association, supports farmers in conducting research into organic farming methods. Recent projects have explored the use of uddermint as an alternative to antibiotics in dairy cows, and the effectiveness of green manures in building soil fertility. Over 3000 farmers have been involved in ‘Field Labs’ to date. 

Good Causes

It’s not just the environment that benefits from your organic choice. Sales of Waitrose Duchy Organic provide a donation to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation trading as The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund (PWCF), supporting good causes across the UK. More than £2m is raised annually in this way for distribution to charitable causes, of which £100,000 goes to The Prince’s Countryside Fund (Charity no 1136077).