A Large blue butterfly

Royal Entomological Society

"Home to insect science" Royal Entomological Society is reintroducing the Large blue butterfly to sites across the South of England. Habitat creation will help to secure the future of the endangered large blue, as well as creating safe havens for many other species.

The Royal Entomological Society (RES) has been working to conserve insect populations in the Cotswolds, supported a PWCF grant of £209,521 over three years in 2019.

RES have been working to restore and create twelve species-rich areas of limestone grassland in Gloucestershire and Somerset, using practical conservation techniques to re-introduce two of the UK’s rarest butterflies: the Large blue and Duke of Burgundy.

The aim is to increase Large blue populations in the Cotswold and Somerset hills. The Large blue is a notoriously difficult butterfly to reintroduce successfully, and in this sense the work of RES is pioneering.

In November 2021, PWCF received an award from the Gloucestershire Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) in recognition of the part played by the Fund in supporting the reintroduction of the Large blue to the Cotswolds landscape.

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