An Innovative Farmers Field Lab

Soil Association

For almost ten years, the Innovative Farmers programme has connected farmers and growers with researchers and running 'field labs' to test new ideas and methods.

The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund has supported the Soil Association Innovative Farmers programme for nearly ten years, awarding over £4 million

Innovative Farmers was formed from one idea - that many of the best ideas in farming come from farmers. Whether it’s trying a new variety or breed, using a bit of kit in a different way, or responding quickly to unpredictable weather, trialling, testing and hands-on research is part of the day-job.

But often, farmers are going it alone and what they learn stays on the farm. By connecting farmers with researchers, new methods can be trialled and shared with the wider farming community.

There are currently over forty active field labs, including projects on:

  • Agroforestry
  • Living mulch
  • Creating drought-resilient pasture

Watch the video below to learn more about field labs:

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