A bull elephant in long grass

Tusk in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund awarded a grant to Tusk to support their work to tackle poaching and the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. We funded two projects which focussed on training rangers in proven interception tracking tactics, training park level intelligence staff for their role and improving the co-ordination of information sharing between protected areas.

Rangers at the counter-poaching training programme.
Rangers at the counter-poaching training programme. 

Fifty-five rangers from six countries (Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe) were trained in basic-level interception tracking, during three separate training sessions, and an information sharing strategy for the African Parks Network was completed. 

Over a relatively short period, the trial projects resulted in some significant successes for the protected areas concerned, with a sustained reduction in the loss of elephant and rhino in areas such as Zimbabwe's Savé Valley Conservancy, Liwonde National Park and Majete National Park in Malawi being reported.

This work has since been scaled up across the Sub-Saharan region thanks to a grant from DEFRA's Challenge Fund.